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When you are going through a divorce nothing is more important than your children.  Who will they live with?  How much will I see them?  When will I see them?  Will they be o.k. after all of this?  These are questions that most parents think of first when faced with ending a marriage.  It is important to find the right lawyer to help you answer all of these questions, a lawyer who will look out for not only your interests, but the interests of your children. Visitation:  Before the divorce is even finalized, you most likely... Read more

Becoming involved with the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services can be a scary situation.  DCFS has a lot of power; caseworkers or investigators can take your children away from you, can order you to complete certain services and judge you on your ability to parent.  When you receive a summons to appear in juvenile court on an abuse or neglect case, you will first be told what the allegations are against you.  You are then given a chance to admit or deny the allegations or ask for a trial if you want one.  If one parent admits to the allegations, the child is then... Read more

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